~Pig Parents~
Baby Girl
(micro mini)

DOB: 2/25/12

This is the daughter of Molly below. Has been a great mom to her babies and has many cute marking ones! Pic taken 2/3/13 and about 40lbs

(mini pig)

DOB: 11/20/09

Molly is a very good mama and has silver and pink markings with half dipped nose marking which a lot of her babies also have.  She is about 50lbs now and is a bit on the shy side but is sweet and a quiet girl. (new pictures coming soon)

(kune kune/mini pig cross)

DOB: 2/10/2010

Shorty is not nearly as big as we thought she would be, she has short stubby legs, very smushed in nose and about 65lbs. She has the calmest personality of all the girls, this is from the Kune Kune in her, which is a rare breed of mini pig from New Zealand. They are known for being calm and docile with a bit longer fur. Her babies are so cute with smushed noses and round bodies.

Pictured Below are all the breeding adult pigs we have here, we do not only show the small ones nor lie about their size like most all mini pig farms do. Pigs grow for 2 yrs so please ask the ages of any parents of pigs from other farms, most claim to have tiny pigs but the parents are under a yr old. Please ask for pictures of parents from any breeder, if they will not show you pictures that is a red flag. We also have videos of our pigs next to objects for you to see their size with your own eyes. We do not deceive in any way and we have a few different size parents below so just see what one you like best, their weight is mostly all muscle and because muscle weighs more, they are built like a bulldog but do not look what they weigh at all. Ask us any questions you would like, we want you to be well informed of the size your pig will be and you can be assured any pig from here is a true mini pig, we have flown in some of the smallest pigs in the US.
(Micro Mini)

DOB: 9/2010

This is the sweetest mama here. She loves to be pet and belly rubs, nudges my leg for treats and is just a love bug. her babies are also sweet and small like she is. Photos taken 5/12/12 at 2  years old and about 50lbs

DOB: 5/28/12

This girl is so cute, she is a purebred juliana and has the cutest babies! this is the smallest pig breed there is! 35lbs

(Picture Taken 9/4/14)
(micro mini)

DOB: 8/8/12

She is such a cute panda color and her babies are so adorable. about 40lbs

(picture taken 9/4/14)
(Mini Pig)

DOB: 8/3/12

Pretty silver girl with white on forehead, she is pregnant in this picture.

(Picture taken 9/4/14)
(no name yet)
(registered juliana)

DOB: 7/27/13

registered juliana girl. She is about 25 lbs and will be bred in 2015

(pic taken 9/4/14)
(kune kune/micro mini)

DOB: 10/2013

this girl is from Shorty and Titan above.
such a sweet baby girl, loves belly rubs and will be a mommy someday when she grows. pictured at almost a year old and she is 8lbs!

(pic taken 9/4/14)
Hello Piggies Maze

DOB: 10/2013

this is our newest breeding male! He is so handsome and has orange in his hair so we should get some amazing color babies from him. He is a registered Juliana and about 25lbs

(pic taken 9/20/14)